Projectile and Armor Design

Projectile and armor design is the study of the effects of changing traditional projectile and armor blueprints to optimize performance, production, and safety.

Shaped Charges and EFPs

STI's technique yields improved designs meeting specified performance goals:

An example of a shaped charge optimized by STI:

  Baseline Improved
Diagram Cone Bell
Jet Energy (kj) 62 69
Penetration (cm) 96 122
Hole bottom diameter (mm) 1 5

Test Data

perferator target (API RP 43 (Section 1) Target)

The diagram above shows three holes in concrete created by STI-developed perforators. Specifically, STI NTX SDP perforators in a test of the API RP 43 (Section 1) target. When the cylindrical target was tested, the reaction caused the target to separate from the casing and split apart, exposing the perforations. The positions of the (scaled) perforators are indicated along the left edge of the target. The red lines in the animation indicate the depth of each perforation.

Armor Design

STI brings its extensive experience with ordnance, materials, and their interactions to the problem of designing protective structures.

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