Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is the study of how materials react when hit by projectiles. At high velocities, materials may deform in unexpected patterns. In other cases, as with spacecraft protection, environmental constraints limit the amount of practical testing and call for improved simulations.

Hypervelocity Impact

STI developed an efficient technique for analyzing spacecraft protection. The images below show excellent agreement between an actual oblique impact experiment and the simulation. See "Incremental Momentum Transfer, an Efficient, Accurate Techniques for Analysis of Debris Impatc on Spacecraft Shields".

AUTODYN 3D Calculation
Experiment Calculation

Micrometeor Impact on Glass

STI's calculations fit historical data on crater and spall in glass, and predicted the effect of low and high energy impacts on fused silica glass mirrors. See "Computer Models of Micrometeoroid Imact on Fused Silica Glass Mirrors".

Micrometeoroid Impact on Glass Mirrors

Shock Propagation

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